Couple is selling $70,000 worth of their 'miracle' men's skincare a MONTH - after customers saw their dark circles and pimples disappear

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An Australian couple who started their own men's only skincare line 'The Skills' are now selling more than $70k worth of products each month.

Bernadette and Paul Borg started the skincare line to combat Paul's personal skin problems after he began using his wife's products on the sly.

And since the launch of their masculine-focused line the family business has gone from strength to strength and faithful customers' before and after pictures prove their formula works.

'Men are loving this for its ability to get rid of dark circles,' which is really difficult to do,' Bernadette told FEMAIL.

The skincare range has been picked up by Adore Beauty as well as skin clinics across Australia, the latter is a point the couple pride themselves on - because professionals love their products too.

'It is skincare made for ballers - it's like that mad skincare line that guys can go okay I can buy that and it isn't girly,' Paul said.

Before and after photos show how customers' have seen huge improvements in their skin tone
The Skills Set is designed to look like a manly product so that men feel comfortable using it

'It's very the guy who goes to Culture Kings but also the guys with taste in hip hop, mixed in with the entrepreneur,' Paul added.

The couple are excited to be listed with Adore Beauty as the online beauty giant's first men's cosmeceutical skincare brand to be listed on site.

'Being a predominantly female centric platform, we are obviously thrilled to be chosen by them as the first to head in this direction,' Bernadette said.

Paul says the design and vibe of the brand is key to attracting customers.

The results they see after a few weeks of using the science-based formula is key to keeping them.

The Skills lineup includes serum, facewash and a facemask which can also be used as a spot treatment.

The couple launched their business last November with Paul revealing he struggled with bad skin for 20 years.

'It's very the guy who goes to Culture Kings but also the guys with taste in hip hop, mixed in with the entrepreneur,' she added.
The products were designed to help men deal with their skin issues
Men have shared their before and after pictures and are happiest with the appearance of their dark circles using the auto correct serum

The 42-year-old noticed his skin was especially bad after he played basketball, went to the gym or became stressed - and as an active father-of-two this was less than ideal.

When he was 38, he began to use his wife's products more and more often as he didn't feel comfortable seeking professional help at a skin clinic.

When his wife, Bernadette, found out he was stealing her products they spoke about his skin concerns and found there really was nothing in the market for men like Paul.

After two years of development, working with scientists, the couple launched their skincare range.

'Most men are not going to take themselves to the clinic to get skincare - this is something they can buy online, that has a scientifically backed formula,' Bernadette said.

Before using any skincare Paul was prone to breakouts - especially when he was under stress
After using his own products his face is clear and he is confident
The couple worked together, using their skills in marketing and connections in the cosmetics industry, to release their own products

But it isn't just the formula that's different to the other skincare options available on the market.

The couple are super excited to be bale to release a product men don't feel they have to hide.

'Why can't it be kept in my backpack, we have something that reflects my lifestyle choice as a sportsmen. As a professional man,' Paul said.

The couple used their skills and contacts in the marketing and beauty industries. They did everything for the new business on their own, building the website, designing the packaging and developing the brand.

They are proud of their range which is clinically tested and also something men will 'feel comfortable using'
Paul leads a very active lifestyle, has two children, a full-time job and is now launching his skincare range - breakout free

The only outside help they had was their chemist who formulated the product and the manufacturers, based in Australia, who produce it to their specifications.

Their product which was first available on The Iconic and The Mistr, as well as their own website.

In their first week on The Iconic they sold 500 products.

'This was across all of our sales areas, but it shows we are doing something right,' Bernadette said.

'This was across all of our sales areas, but it shows we are doing something right,' Bernadette said


Anti-aging face wash

The face wash cleans, revitalises and restores the skin on your face. It is something which should be used daily, according to the couple.

Auto correct face serum

This face wash is used to reverse aging and brighten the face, it contains hyaluronic acid and collagen and should also be used daily.

Detox day mask

This is a weekly skincare product but can be used up to three times per week. Paul says it is great as a spot treatment for breakouts


The couple are parents to two young girls, work full time and now have this business on the side.

This amount of stress, especially when combined with the pandemic anxiety, should cause Paul to breakout.

But after more than a year of daily use his skin is completely clear.

'When I turned 30 I felt like I had the skin of a 40-year-old. Now I am 40 and my skin is like a 30-year-old's,' he said.

The couple trialed more than 20 products from the chemist before coming up with the right formula.