Blogger or WordPress?


There is a hot war on in the blogosphere. A war between the two most popular blogging platforms for bloggers, WordPress, and Blogger. This war is about control; the control of the blogosphere. Most of the world is either on WordPress or on Blogger and the rest of us are yet to figure out which is better – Blogger or WordPress? It isn’t an easy question.

For starters, both WordPress and Blogger provide free blogging web space to bloggers. They are community-driven, allow users to input text, and have many other privacy features.

Blogger which is the first blog service associated with Google, yes, the one and only Google, gives you provision for HTML editing. It offers an assistive feature, where you have a unique email address for each post, and then, to upload your post you only need to email. The editing pages in Blogger are something that you can really enjoy. But in Blogger you need to categorize your work deeply and to highlight a key post you need to extend the links on the side i.e. make special links for the desired posts to be highlighted. Enough reasons to love the Blogger but just till you get a taste of the new blogging platform on the block, WordPress.

WordPress is a quality, open-source software that offers you many advanced features. It provides various categories and lets you import blogs with no extra efforts. With this feature you do not have to back up your blogs to save them from any sudden damage or deletion. But you do miss the editing pages of Blogger in WordPress.

While WordPress gives you an automated updates feature, Google automatically updates and bug fixes your blogging platform. Another great feature of WordPress is the Stats Tracker which allows you to see your most popular posts by views, comments, etc. and can be used on hosted as well as non-hosted WordPress domain blogs.

To add to your ease the WordPress dashboard is made more user-friendly and more feature-rich than the Blogger’s dashboard is simpler and allows easy writing. Its user-friendly template changes are non-destructive which means that on changing a template, previous link customization is automatically preserved. In Blogger, when you change a template you lose all your previous changes. That’s not always good. WordPress gives you the ability to make static pages that are helpful quick-access pages; that’s a great advantage.

WordPress does not allow advertisements for free and you need to pay for the VIP option. But looking at the other side you find that free blog hosts are less professional from a marketing viewpoint and you may not be able to employ all available monetization and advertising options when you opt for a free blog host.

Eventually, it is a choice you need to make. Each of these blogging platforms is equally popular and more than anything else you should be concerned about what your blog looks like, if it is able to accommodate all that you want and it helps you make a place for yourself in virtual space.

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