Celebrating 7 years, iBrandOx Founder says, ‘It is the end result that matters!’

Celebrating 7 years, iBrandOx Founder says, ‘It is the end result that matters!’

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Celebrating 7 years, iBrandOx Founder says, ‘It is the end result that matters!’

Celebrating 7 years, iBrandOx Founder says, ‘It is the end result that matters!’
Rachit always emphasizes the fact that results speak for themselves, and completing 7 years of their working has been one of the biggest results for them till now

There is no doubt that the world is more or less an ‘Internet World’. With brands taking their businesses online, there is literally no place for missing an opportunity in this competitive landscape. Almost all the companies be it small, medium, or large have their websites as they act as a catalog to showcase their brand and services they offer.

iBrandOx, is a flourishing name that has created a stride in the web development industry and has successfully completed 7 years of its running and ruling the domain. Celebrating their success with utmost zeal and enthusiasm, CEO and founder Rachit Chakarwarty talks about the incredible journey of iBrandOx and the surge it has seen in the web development services with the advancements in digitization.

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Question 1

What has been your driving motto behind establishing iBrandOx?

Answer 1

My passion for innovation and experimentation led me to launch iBrandOx 7 years ago. After

finishing my research in ‘Branding & its psychological impact on consumer behavior’ at the

The University of West of England, I was left with two career choices- either to settle in the UK or come to India. I had always believed that India has a vast potential in the digital space and with digitization getting immense popularity, I decided that my future lies in India.

Working with a brand agency led me to realize that there are enormous capabilities in the Indian market but unfortunately ‘deliverables’ were a big problem. It was enough for me to understand that if one can work on this and provide clients with new technologically driven solutions then it can be made big in the market. My aim has always been to provide clients with effective problem-based solutions helping them soar to new heights of success.

Question 2

iBrandOx has completed 7 years. How has the journey been so far and what have you learned from it?

Answer 2

The journey has been an incredible one with its own challenges. The biggest asset for any organization is their clients and employees and the same applies to iBrandOx. My team has been the driving force, working tirelessly in providing top-notch solutions to our valuable clients. Working together has helped us all to apply individual perspectives, experience, and skills to solve complex problems, creating new solutions and ideas that have effectively created ripples in our industry.

It’s always tough when you go out of the way and do something new, something creative and as a founder of a startup, I too had my fair share of struggles. The company was new and so were the challenges- it took 5 months for our own website to go live and as we were a startup, people were hesitant to work for us. With a solid belief that we can do it, we ensured that we had a dedicated team of professionals on board. Believing in our objective and taking care of stakeholders has made us what we are today.

Question 3

What is the biggest USP that differentiates your company from its competitors?

Answer 3

With brands going online and every business having their website, it has given birth to a lot of players in the web development industry. Unlike the general public perception, it is not easy to run a website designing and development company especially in a competitive environment like India. We are a company dedicated to providing web development solutions to our clients that can help them grow. We at iBrandOx don't feel the need to worry about the competition in general as we have full faith in our services and our approach towards clients.

Through our Bespoke Website Solutions, we have catered to the needs of our clients and helped them in developing the website which perfectly captures the essence of their brand and portrays them as the top-notch, one-stop solution for the consumers.

Question 4

How do you think iBrandox is keeping up with the advent of digitization even after all these years?

Answer 4

Ours is a company that has been able to maintain emerging industry trends by providing the best and the latest technological solutions to our clients.

By providing strategically planned SEO marketing methodologies, we intend to enhance the website’s search engine ranking which is a key ingredient leading to the growth and popularity of the brand. Our web designing and web development services are planned to keep in mind the latest trends including Bespoke Websites. Through our customized website, we enable our clients to specifically design their website as per their needs and requirements.

Question 5

What do you define as your leadership mantra?

Answer 5

If I speak loudly, I'll say ‘Results’! With time, I have realized that nothing works except the end results. I keep motivating and inspiring my team that hard work matters a lot, but that is not the end of it. What stands paramount are the end results. Working along the same line, we started a model into digital marketing following the approach of ’No results, No Money!’. Fortunately, crediting our team’s efforts we have been able to deliver services to utmost client satisfaction helping us gain a lot of traction in the market.

Question 6

What is your vision for the company moving ahead celebrating more such milestones?

Answer 6

After establishing ourselves and creating a name for iBrandOx in the domain of Website Development as well as Digital Marketing, we now intend to expand our company beyond this. We like to take our company at a global level and keeping this in mind, we have recently started our vertical in countries like Singapore and regions of the Middle East. Exploring the potential of the animation sector, we have started our animation studio i347.

We are aiming to build a solid brand that is capable of providing solutions in Digital Marketing, Web Development, and SEO Marketing. Innovating new ideas in this digital era, we are striving to build iBrandOx as a technology-driven company in the next 5 years. Emphasizing new ideas, we have started Medibrandox.com which caters to the healthcare market. It’s a privilege to work with doctors, startup clinics, and hospitals and help them with digital marketing solutions.

To sum it up, Rachit always emphasizes the fact that results speak for themselves, and completing 7 years of their working has been one of the biggest results for them till now.

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